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Whole Home Surge Protection

surge protectionWhole Home Surge Protection

At the John H. Coleman Co., our electricians specialize in complete home surge protection planning, installation, and support. A whole home surge protector will protect your home’s electronics from the damaging effects of electrical surges.

Electrical surges are sudden and unexpected spikes in voltage that travel throughout your electrical system. Such disturbances can come from both inside and outside the home.  These electrical disturbances can ruin or severely damage appliances, electronics, satellite signals, & telecommunication systems.

Total Home Protection

The professionals at John H. Coleman Co. believe today’s residential surge protectors come up short when protecting today’s modern home. That’s why we trust Siemen’s FirstSurge Plus FS100.  The FirstSurge is a whole house surge protector that has a surge spike capacity of 100,000 amps.  This model is sized perfectly for any home.

Other FirstSurge Features:

  • 10 year product and connected equipment limited warranty
  • Audible alarm if replacement is needed

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