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Replacing Your Heating Unit

heating unitIs it Time for a New Heating Unit?

Now that temperatures are dropping, you need to ensure that your heating unit is working properly.  A heating unit is built to provide many years of comfort and efficiency, but it’s important to partner with a qualified HVAC contractor to keep your equipment operating at peak performance–enter the John H. Coleman team!  

You can rely on our team at John H. Coleman to provide quality work.  We are the oldest HVAC company in the area–serving Knoxville, TN for over 70 years!  We are ultimately dedicated to our customers, providing the best heating replacement service in the area.

Replacing a heating unit can be an expensive home repair.  However, our team will provide you with an honest assessment and estimate–resulting in a potential savings of 25-30% on your current utility bill with our top of the line units.

Heat Pump vs. Furnace

If our technicians have assessed your existing heating unit and have determined that a replacement is necessary, it’s important that you as the homeowner understand what type of unit will best benefit you and your home.  The two main options to choose from would be either a heat pump or a gas furnace.

Pros & Cons of a Heat Pump

Heat pumps are ideal for smaller homes in moderate climates.  Most heat pumps are electric and are more cost efficient when compared to a furnace.  Heat pumps are also extremely quiet in comparison to furnaces.  They do not make as much noise.

However, in colder conditions, a heat pump would not suffice.  Also, the heat pump requires both an inside and outside installation.

Pros & Cons of a Furnace

Gas furnaces have been used for decades to warm homes.  The lifespan of the gas furnace is one of the main benefits.  A furnace can potentially run on an average of 15 years.   When compared to a heat pump, a gas furnace also requires less maintenance.  A gas furnace has fewer mechanical parts, meaning fewer things to break down or malfunction.  

However, the products of gas combustion can result in poor indoor air quality in the home and the gas furnace has more safety concerns if not properly maintained.

You Deserve the Best!

Here at John H. Coleman, we install several types of heat pumps and gas furnaces.  Whether you’re a customer wanting the top of the line, high efficiency unit or your needing an excellent unit on a budget, we are honored to install your new HVAC equipment.

We have been Knoxville’s most trusted heating and cooling source since 1945. Quality, reliability and honest service are our top priority and we strive to exceed expectations.   We understand you deserve the best. At John H. Coleman Co. Heat and Air, being the best is what we do.

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